My Story

Jackie-T began her musical training at the Royal Conservatorium in The Hague, Netherlands.

Her performances with various bands, DJ’s and her TV promotions with other artists have made Jackie-T a much sought after trumpet player at home and abroad.

After an amazing 5-year experience with the theatre duo Mini & Maxi in the programme ‘Scherzo’ securing sold-out performances at home and abroad, Jackie-T was ready for a new challenge.

Jackie-T moved to Belgium and made a new version of the world-famous number ‘Rotation’ by Herb Alpert with top Brasschaat producer Serge Ramaekers. This number along with others can be found on her CD.

Jackie-T, ready for yet another new challenge, has now released the number ‘RED OCEANS’ with DJ/Producer DAIM (Damian van Es).The number has been extremely well-received on Soundcloud, and in two weeks has had over 1 million plays.

A resulting record contract with Armada Music has made Jackie-T’s dreams come true.

Armada Deep: “Radiating surreal amounts of feel-good vibes, ‘Red Oceans’ has got to be one of the sweetest records of this era. Produced by DAIM in collaboration with featured artist Jackie-T, this cut is what summer feels like, complete with a soothing breakdown and warm trumpet sounds. ‘Red Oceans’ is definitely a season highlight.” Listening to her new number RED OCEANS with DJ/Producer DAIM. DAIM FEAT. JACKIE-T RED OCEANS